The legacy continues...

Established in 1961 by H. Graden Melvin and Lillian Watson Melvin, Tar Heel Cottages has been helping families enjoy the lake and make lasting family memories.

Lillian greeted guests summer after summer as she kept the business going years after Graden passed.  She had a stroke in June 2010, and after she passed in July,

the eldest grandson, "D.G." and his family moved onsite in the fall of 2010 to serve as our new property managers and soon after the transformations begun.

Spring of 2011 was a time for the family to sew a new labor of love as we began renovations of all of the cottages.  Each family member bringing their special gift and talents in carpentry, painting, decorating and design, we came together and put in many hours of sweat equity.

Each unit was painted, repaired, even remodeled as walls were knocked down and kitchens rebuilt.  New bed frames were built and painted--even designing double bunk beds!  Floors were ripped up and replaced with beautiful wood laminates or painted.

We are pleased to offer families a fresh, clean place to stay while they enjoy all that White Lake has to offer.  We strive to keep Tar Heel Cottages a family oriented place where people can enjoy time with their families.  

We are so grateful to all our loyal customers bringing their families to stay with us year after year for the last four generations.

We hope to be around for many generations to come!